Fluffy Favourites Stakes and Payouts

One of the best things about bingo sites with Fluffy Favourites slots is that they are large in number for this is one of the world’s most popular bingo slot games, and it is for that reason that we have put together the following review of the slot to introduce you to all of the unique features and aspects of this multi stake slot.

If you love nothing better than playing bingo online and whilst playing bingo you also enjoy opening up and playing several different slot games then wait until you find out what this slot has to offer you, for we just know you will be itching to give it a little play time when you do!

Being a bingo slot game which can be sampled for free or for real money you are going to be able to test it out yourself in a no risk playing environment and that will enable to you see if it plays and pays just as well as we are about to tell you it does!

There are many slot games available at many different bingo sites, however the Fluffy Favourites slot became an overnight success and is at the top of many slot players lists of their most played slot games and progressive jackpot slots.

Fluffy Favourites Stakes and Payouts

Playing video slot games on offer to you at any bingo site is going to see you having lots of different ways to play those slots in regards to the stake levels you play them for. As you can choose to play the Fluffy Favourites slot for as little as 0.01 per spin or for much higher stakes this 25 optional payline slot is certainly going to suit all players’ bankrolls and slot playing budgets – just remember to stick to your budgets and if you can’t do so take a look at gamcare.org.uk for some help.

The 95.38% payout percentage attached to the Fluffy Favourites slot is going to see all players of this colourful slot game having some extended slot playing sessions, and when playing all of its paylines you will have plenty of winning combinations spinning in. Give it a little play time and see just how high paying this slot really is.

You will now be wondering just what you could win as the base game jackpot payout when playing the Fluffy Favourites slot game. Well, there are two jackpot amounts on offer on this slot the first is a 5000 coin jackpot for lining up five of the Hippo reel symbols.

If one or more of the Elephant wild symbols helps you form that winning combination then instead of you winning 5000 coins you will win 10000 coins as the Elephant reel symbol is a x2 wild multiplier symbol, so you will always want that reel symbol to make an appearance on each spin you play off to increase your winning chances!

Bonus Games

With three bonus features rounds waiting to be triggered you really should give the Fluffy Favourites slot game a try as you will never know when those bonus games will be triggered.

Three or more scatter symbols spinning in, those being the Elephant symbols awards players with a set of free spins. By spinning in three, four or all five of the scatter symbols you will end up playing off 15, 20 and 25 free spins respectively.

The second bonus game attached to the Fluffy Favourites slot game may or may not appeal to you, for that is a gamble game on which you will be able to try and increase the value of any base game spun in winning payout.

To be able to double that winning payout you will need to try and guess correctly the colour of the next playing card to be dealt out or to quadruple that winning payout you have to correctly guess the suit of that playing card.

The main bonus game which you will want to play off on this slot game is the claw grabbing machine. However you will have to wait until you have spun in three or more of the Claw symbols before you can get to play off that bonus round.

As soon as it is triggered you will then be able to sit back and watch a claw moving over a range of different cuddly toys, the claw will then drop down and whichever one it selects and lifts up will reveal a multiplier value.

The best aspect of this particular claw grabber based bonus feature round is that you could see the claw picking up several different toys each of which have multipliers worth up to 100 times your base game staked amount!

Is Betting with Max Coins More Advantageous in a Slot Game Like Double Bubble?

When you play on any slot machine, your primary aim is to increase the payout, so that you win more. Why don’t you try betting with maximum coins in slots? It will definitely increase your payout potential tremendously.

Max Coins

First, let us understand what max coins are. For example, if you are playing Double Bubble slot, then every line will require you to place one or two coins for the game to start. Max coins mean the maximum number of coins you can play with in the game. This slot restrictions on the number, while in others such as Double Bubble; you can place up to 20 coins per spin.

It should be noted that it is not necessary that you have to place your bets with the maximum number of coins; you can play with one or two coins as well. But the outcome will be different in both the cases. If you place one or two coins, then you will win less as compared to playing with max coins on the slot machine. Slot machines such as Double Bubble and more have amazing payouts when you place max coins.

The Advantages of Betting with Max Coins

There are several advantages of betting with max coins. The biggest of them being that your payout is doubled. Some slot machines might even unlock more pay lines if the option of maximum coins is selected. Even if that does not happen, in slot machines such as Double Bubble, if you have bet with more than one or two coins, the amount that you acquire as winnings will be doubled. So, if you play with two coins, then the payout amount will be doubled to four and if you play with three coins, the payout amount will be eight coins.

Progressive Jackpots

In some slot machines, the concept of max coins is related to progressive jackpots. So, if you bet the maximum number of coins, you will win the amount on the progressive jackpot. The outcome in this case depends on how big or small the bet is.

Where is the Payout Index?

In some land-based video slot machines, the payout index mentioning the highest payout is put up outside the machine. For all the online games, there is an entire page dedicated to the table that has all the details.

Can You Afford to Place Max Number of Bets?

If you look at the scenario from the perspective of long-term gratification, betting on max coins is certainly advantageous. In the short run, it may seem that you are spending more money every day by placing a max bet on each game. But one winning has the potential to change your life altogether. It would be disappointing if you win a jackpot only to realise that you bet a small amount, as opposed to betting a higher amount and pocketing a large payout.

One word of advice is to manage your money efficiently, so that you’re not in a bad situation financially.

Benefits of Watching the Sunrise

Have you ever asked yourself the question: when was the last night I saw the sun rise? Not many people even realise that they have a beautiful creation by nature in front of their eyes. If you notice carefully, you will realise how beautiful the whole arrangement is. For some people, it is something inconsequential. But for some, it can be the most romantic thing. To be able to absorb nature’s true colours gives happiness.

Here are some reasons why you should watch a sunrise once in a while.

Honestly, it does not matter where you live or what you do. Watching a sunrise from your balcony is as beautiful as going to an exotic place. Of course, you should visit all the other places as well from where you can watch the sun rise. Make it a point to watch the sun rise once in a week. It is mesmerising and something that is absolutely free.

Waking up early to watch the sunrise will set your day in a positive mood. You will feel better and optimistic. Believe me; it is amazing to start your day with some freshly-baked rays. It will make you feel instantly better about the day and your mind will also become a lot clearer.

In the morning when you absorb the rays of the sun, you get Vitamin D which is an essential vitamin to have. Hence, make sure to stand some place, where there are enough rays penetrating your body.

Let go of negative feelings early in the morning. Watching the sunrise is very symbolic. The fact that you wake up early in the morning and then watch the sunrise should mean something to you. You can decide to let go of frustration and anxiety in that moment. That spare time in the morning, when almost everyone is asleep, you should spend it alone with a cup of coffee. Make the full use of it by planning about the day in advance and all the work that you have to do. Sketch a schedule for the day. This will help you make decisions faster and the day will go as you planned it.

Make it a habit and see how it changes your life. It will be filled with positive energy and a lot of hope for the future. You will be much happier and become a positive force for your friends and family.

You will get to spend some time with yourself and contemplate about your life. This is a good exercise that you should do regularly. Contemplation helps you in becoming clear about yourself. It gives you a chance to understand yourself and how you feel about the decisions you make or want to make.

The sun gives out a lot of energy, which you can utilise and put to good use. Absorb the positive energy and see how your day will also turn out to be great. Hence, try to wake up early to watch the sunrise now and then.

20 Amazing Places Across the World to Watch Sunrise

Nature is the most beautiful thing around us. Many people love the moon and the night sky. Well, sunrise is also a phenomenon that is very popular among people. Many people travel around the world just to have a glimpse of the perfect sunrise. We have made a list of 20 places that has amazing sunrise, one that is unmatchable.

If you are planning your next vacation or live close to any of these wonderful locations, you should definitely pay a visit. Make sure you go during a season that is pleasant and make an expense sheet. Some of these places get very cold or very hot; you do not want to miss nature’s precious gifts because of an untimely trip.

Check out the exhaustive list!

  1. Masai Mara, Kenya: Masai Mara is a National Reserve in Narok County in Kenya. It is very famous for animals such as African leopards, Masai lions and more.
  2. Angkor Wat, Cambodia: Angkor Wat is a religious monument in Cambodia.
  3. Surfers Paradise, Australia: The area is beautiful with the peaceful beach and shacks.
  4. Southern Ocean Lodge, Australia: This spot in Australia is very beautiful and serene.
  5. Wadi Rum, Jordan: This place is also called the Valley of the Moon and is mesmerising.
  6. Grand Canyon, Arizona: This place is unique for its layers of red rock spread across the surface making it seem splendid.
  7. Morocco’s Atlas Mountain, North Africa: The mountain range has some exotic plant and animal species.
  8. Bryce Canyon, Utah: One of the most spectacular aspects of the Bryce Canyon is the fact that the rocks in its various colours provide a great view for all tourists.
  9. Haleakala National Park, Hawaii: This place houses some of the endangered species of birds and has amazing sunrise views.
  10. Fiji: The best feature about this place is the peaceful lagoons.
  11. Tulum, Mexico: The archaeological site offers some amazing and splendid sunrise spots.
  12. The Taj Mahal, India: With the historical building in the background in all its glory, sunrise here is very romantic.
  13. Oia, Greece: The terrible 1956 destroyed part of the town of Oia, but it still remains one of the most beautiful places to look at the rising sun.
  14. Canyonlands National Park, Utah: This beautiful place has two rivers and a wonderful sight for the sunrise lovers.
  15. Eyjafjörður, Iceland: The place has an amazing weather, and an even more amazing sunrise to view.
  16. Mount Haleakala, Hawaii: This is another great point to watch sunset from. You should also watch the sunrise from here.
  17. Siem Reap, Cambodia: From the cuisine to the location, everything is amazing in Siem Reap.
  18. Merzouga, Morocco: You will not only enjoy the scenic beauty of the place, but also the great sunrise at its best.
  19. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: This Mountain boasts of being the tallest in the African subcontinent.
  20. Easter Island, Chile: A perfect destination for mountains and a romantic sunrise.

So, if you love watching sunrises, these are the places that you must definitely visit.