Sunrise Offgrid

Alternative Technology and Eco-Build


Off-Grid is a deep exploration of community living, creativity, and consciousness. Five days of talks and conferences on all aspects of sustainability, hands on craft, Alternative Technology and Eco-Build workshops, a sauna, kids activities, camping, good food and fun in a beautiful setting. At Off-Grid you can learn to generate your own power, eat from nature, design the future, dance, craft, garden and move beyond your perceived limits. Off-Grid is a chance to refine your skills and define your value as a participant in a sustainable future, an intimate environment in which to share skills, trade knowledge, impart wisdom, and make a difference. Five days to change the world.

Off-Grid is a unique and special event, there’s a real feeling of family and community. We really want to encourage everyone to fully take part this year, no one is a spectator, with everyone offering their skills and knowledge we all become co-creators of something wonderful. Fernhill Farm is a real working farm, the farmers have a passion for sustainability, for organic food, for happy, healthy animals. Much of the festival is held inside the barns – The Shearing Barn is a big dry venue for dances in the afternoon and drinks and music at night, and the Conference Barn is roomy enough for everyone to join in the debates and discussions.

The website will be up soon with full details and application forms for contributing to the event. Meanwhile please contact us.

For tickets please see the Bristol Ticket Shop